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Lucid Dreamer Pillow

Lucid Dreamer Pillow
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Each 6" X 6" pillow is handcrafted with our finest herbs. Patterns and material may vary.

All of our Dream Pillows contain Authentic Aztec Dream Herb which the ancient Aztec people believed it induced lucid dreams. Science of today has proven it fact, Calea zacatechichi somehow induces nocturnal visions which can be recalled at will. Both understand that even the scent can help induce this state.

Mugwort and Lavender bring balance and intent. While Chamomile and Hops makes you sleep and content.

Astral Dreamer Pillows contain the same potent herbal blend as our Lucid Dreamer Pillows, but also includes a baby Pangea Dream Seed in it's own pocket, which intensifies lucid dreaming and aids in astral journeys.