Mescal Beans - 5 pieces

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Product Description

Sophora secundiflora

Sophora secundiflora (Mescal Beans), also called Coral Bean, Colorines, Frijoles, and Red Bean, has been used since prehistoric times. This is a beautifull shiny red bean that has been used in jewelry and crafts for centuries. Evidence suggests use that dates back 9,000 years. The Mescal beans where used by over a dozen tribes for oracular, divinatory, and hallucinogenic purposes. The Sophora secundiflora seeds are highly toxic and contain the alkaloid cytisine. One seed, thouroughly chewed, is said to be enough to kill an adult.

Keep Sophora secundiflora, Mescal Beans, out of reach of people, animals, and unintelligible beings.

This Item is sold as a curiosity only! NOT TO BE CONSUMED!!